AmazonS3Extender Members HTML5/Flash Uploader PHP

The AmazonS3Extender type exposes the following members.


Public method AmazonS3Extender(Uploader) Creates and initializes an instance of the AmazonS3Extender class.


Public property AWSAccessKeyId Gets or set an AWS Access Key ID of the owner of the bucket.
Public property Bucket Gets or sets a bucket name.
Public property BucketHostName Gets or sets a custom bucket host name.
Public property CheckIntegrity Gets or sets a value indicating whether uploaded files should be checked for integrity or not.
Public property Files Gets or sets a collection of settings for files to be uploaded.
Public property PolicyExpiration Gets or sets an expiration date of the policy.
Public property Region Gets or sets a bucket region.
Public property SecretAccessKey Gets or sets a secret access key.