converter.getThumbnailWatermarkPreview(Object) Method HTML5/Flash Uploader JavaScript

Supported technologies:

Applies watermark settings to the specified image (as a preview).





Type: Object

An object containing two properties - callback which is called when the preview is ready and image - an image object which you would like to watermark.


This method is useful if you want to build a configurable watermark interface (like in our demo application) and need to give an idea about how the watermark will look like to your user.

This method is asynchronous. You pass an object with an image which you want to use for a preview and a callback which is called when the watermark is applied. This callback has a single argument - the img element which you may insert to your DOM document.

As an image, it may accept any string you would pass to the src of an img element - it may be either a URL or an inline image as a base64 string (using data:URL).


Let's imagine that the first converter is used to send a full file and the second one - a watermarked copy.

var conv = $au.imageUploaderFlash('Uploader1').converters().get(1);
   callback: function(img){