file.getPreview(Object) Method HTML5/Flash Uploader JavaScript

Supported technologies:

Receives an img element of containing the preview of a file.





Type: Object

The object containing three properties - callback (function with an img argument), size of the preview you need to return and mode to specify how to interpret the size (whether to fit into the square of this size or automatically crop the preview). The latter param accepts the values of thumbnailFitMode.


This function is asyncronous. You pass a previewParams instance which contains a callback. When the preview image is ready, the callback is called and this img element is passed there.

As the preview appears not immediately, it makes sense to display some placeholder instead of a preview until the image is ready. For example, you can use a div element with class equal to the iconCssClass value.

Inside the callback you can access the current file instance using this.


For example, let's imagine you need to receive a preview for the first element in the upload list of 150px. The code may look like this:

var f = $au.imageUploaderFlash("Uploader1").files().get(0);
$("#preview").html("<div class=" + f.iconCssClass() + "></div>");
	size: 150,
	mode: 'crop',
	callback: function(img) {

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