PaneItem.EnableDisproportionalExifThumbnails Property HTML5/Flash Uploader ASP.NET

Supported technologies: Adobe Flash

Get or sets a value indicating whether Flash Uploader should generate a preview thumbnail from the original image in the case when thumbnail saved in EXIF metadata is out of proportions of original image.

Namespace: Aurigma.ImageUploaderFlash
Assembly: Aurigma.ImageUploaderFlash (in Aurigma.ImageUploaderFlash.dll)


public bool EnableDisproportionalExifThumbnails { get; set; }

Property Value

Type: System..Boolean

If trueFlash Uploader displays disproportional EXIF thumbnails in the list, otherwise the control resizes original image to the thumbnail size.

Default value is true.



This property takes effect in the Thumbnails and Tiles views only.

Flash Uploader supports displaying EXIF thumbnails in the upload pane when the Thumbnails or Tiles view mode is set. Such thumbnails are created by the most of cameras and stored along with image data. However, some cameras may create EXIF thumbnails which are out of proportions of original images. If so disproportional thumbnails will have black stripes above and below them. In this case you can set this property to false to regenerate preview thumbnails from original images and get rid of black stripes or specify a true value to display disproportional thumbnails instead.

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