converter.thumbnailResizeCmyk Property HTML5/Flash Uploader JavaScript

Supported technologies:

Gets or sets a value indicating whether CMYK images should be resized or ignored.


JavaScript Initialize
    converters : [
            //...other params...
            thumbnailResizeCmyk: false,
            //...other params...
Get/Set Value at Runtime
value = $au.imageUploaderFlash('uploaderID').converters().get(index).thumbnailResizeCmyk();

Property Value

Type: Boolean

If true, CMYK images will resized by the browser. In this case, it may do it without color management (depending on the browser implementation). If false, CMYK files will be interpreted as non-images and therefore Thumbnail mode will fail. You should use it in combination with SourceFile mode as fallback.

Default value is false.

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