statusPane.filesPreparedText Property HTML5/Flash Uploader JavaScript

Supported technologies: Adobe Flash

Gets or sets the caption of the Files prepared label.


JavaScript Initialize
    statusPane: {
        //...other params...
        filesPreparedText: "Files prepared: {0} / {1}",
        //...other params...
Get/Set Value at Runtime
value = $au.imageUploaderFlash('uploaderID').statusPane().filesPreparedText();

Property Value

Type: String

The caption of the Files prepared label.

To be able to display additional information in this label, special placeholders are used:

replaced by the currently processed file number.
replaced by the total number of files to be processed.

Default value is "Files prepared: {0} / {1}".


To hide the Files prepared label, set it to the empty string.

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