ImageUploaderFlash.EnableImageEditor Property HTML5/Flash Uploader PHP

Supported technologies:

Gets or sets a value indicating whether to enable a built-in image editor (crop tool and/or draw tool).


PHP Initialize
public function getEnableImageEditor() {

public function setEnableImageEditor($value) {

Property Value

Type: boolean

If true, any image in the folder or upload pane can be opened in the image editor; otherwise, the image editor icon is hidden.

Default value is false.


The image editor includes two tools - a cropping tool and draw tool. You can turn both of them on and off and configure them. For example, you can configure the crop aspect ratio or pen width and color. Refer the ImageEditor description for more details.

Notice that enabling the editor may be not enough to upload edited images - you should make sure that your converter is configured properly. For example, it is possible to crop an image and upload a non-cropped version of this image along with the crop boundaries (so that you could apply the crop on the server; give the user an ability to cancel crop after the upload, etc).

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