Restrictions.MaxImageHeight Property HTML5/Flash Uploader PHP

Supported technologies: Adobe Flash

Gets or sets a maximum image height allowed for upload.


PHP Initialize
public function getMaxImageHeight() {

public function setMaxImageHeight($value) {

Property Value

Type: integer

The maximum allowed image height (in pixels). If the value is 0, then there is no limit.

Default value is 0.



Enabling image dimension restrictions can significantly downsize number of images which can be selected for upload. It means that if, for example, a user selects 200 images and only 50 of them meet image dimension restrictions, but the user cannot select more images because Adobe Flash Player memory limit is reached. This behaviour is caused by Adobe Flash Player architecture which requires to load whole image files in memory to extract information about image size. Adobe Flash does not support unloading files from memory that leads to "out of memory" issues. In other words, if your web application requires checking image dimensions on client side, consider applying limitation on maximum number of files avialable for upload per one upload session.

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