UploadSettings.AutoRecoveryTimeout Property HTML5/Flash Uploader PHP

Supported technologies:

Gets or sets an interval in which HTML5/Flash Uploader should try to resume the upload if it was interrupted.


PHP Initialize
public function getAutoRecoveryTimeout() {

public function setAutoRecoveryTimeout($value) {

Property Value

Type: integer

The number of milliseconds the HTML5/Flash Uploader should wait between attempts.

Default value is 5000.


This parameter takes effect if only the AutoRecoveryMaxAttemptCount is greater than 1.


HTML5/Flash Uploader tries to resend the request that has failed. If the request (package) contains more than one file, these files will be resent again. It means that if you use the auto-recovering feature, the optimal value for the FilesPerPackage property would be 1. Also, consider using the ChunkSize if large files are uploaded.

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