Converter.ThumbnailResizeQuality Property HTML5/Flash Uploader PHP

Supported technologies:

Gets or sets a resize quality of the thumbnail (interpolation algorithm).


PHP Initialize
public function getThumbnailResizeQuality() {

public function setThumbnailResizeQuality($value) {

Property Value

Type: string

The resize quality of the thumbnail.

The following values are supported:

LowLow quality. The image is resized using the standard Canvas functionality (supposedly, bi-linear interpolation).
MediumMedium quality. The image is resized using the Lanczos 2-pixel algorithm.
HighHigh quality. The image is resized using the Lanczos 3-pixel algorithm.

Default value is "Low".


This property makes sense only if the Mode property has Thumbnail value.

Note, using algorithms better than "Low" increases the time required by the uploader to prepare images. It works 30%-90% slower comparing to the standard resize functionality (the overall impact is less significant especially if the upload takes more time than image resizing).

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