Converter.ThumbnailType Property HTML5/Flash Uploader PHP

Supported technologies:

Gets or sets a value specifying the output image type.


PHP Initialize
public function getThumbnailType() {

public function setThumbnailType($value) {

Property Value

Type: string

A string specifying the output image format, one of the following values:

image/jpegAlways create a JPEG thumbnail.
image/pngAlways create a PNG thumbnail.
originalPreserves the original image format if possible. If it is not possible (e.g. the input image is BMP or GIF), it will produce JPEG.
autoThe output format is selected based on the ThumbnailSizeLimit value - if PNG is small enough to fit in this limit, it will product PNG, otherwise it will create JPEG.

Default value is "image/jpeg".


This property makes sense only if the Mode property has Thumbnail value.

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