Basic Steps in Troubleshooting of ActiveX/Java Uploader

This topic is a guide which aims at helping you to understand what is wrong with your application. Here we consider the most popular errors:

If an error occurs, we recommend you to start with the debug console which allows you to get error, debug, and information messages from ActiveX/Java Uploader right in your browser. To turn the debug console on you should:

  1. Set the DebugScriptLevelDebugScriptLevel (ASP.NET)DebugScriptLevel (PHP) (or debug.level) to 3.
  2. Specify how debug messages should be displayed (in pop-up window, console, or alert) with the DebugScriptModeDebugScriptMode (ASP.NET)DebugScriptMode (PHP) (or debug.mode) property.
  3. Allow pop-up windows or open browser error console. Here are the ways to open the console in the most popular browsers:

    • In Internet Explorer 8 open Tools -> Developer Tools (or press F12), then select Script tab in the left pane and click Console in the right pane.
    • In Mozilla Firefox we recommend to use Firebug.
    • In Google Chrome click the Wrench icon and select Tools -> JavaScript Console (or press Ctrl+Shift+J).
    • In Safari turn on the Develop menu in the Advanced pane of Safari Preferences, after that go to Develop -> Show Error Console (or press Cmd+Alt+C).
  4. Reload your application.

The following code inserted in your application will print all debug messages from ActiveX/Java Uploader to pop-up window (or to the console if pop-ups are blocked).

<aur:Uploader ID="Uploader1" runat="server"
	DebugScriptLevel="3" DebugScriptMode="Default" >
	require_once "ImageUploaderPHP/Uploader.class.php";
	$uploader = new Uploader('Uploader1');

If you prefer JavaScript, remember that the following code should be inserted before rendering ActiveX/Java Uploader:

<script type="text/javascript">

For more information about the debug console, please, see the Using JavaScript API topic.

ActiveX/Java Uploader Does not Render

Firstly, make sure that ActiveX/Java Uploader is installed on the client side; for more information on how to install the client parts of ActiveX/Java Uploader, see the Installing ActiveX/Java Uploader on Client Side topic.

Another possible reason is an error in your script which embeds ActiveX/Java Uploader. Please, use the debug console as it is described at the beginning of this topic to find the error.

Message "ActiveX/Java Uploader Encountered Some Problem" Appears

It means that an internal server error has occurred. Far more likely that:

Upload is Complete but Files are not Uploaded

This can indicate one of the following:

Redirect Message Appears

There are three possible reasons of getting "The server attempted to redirect you to, but server redirects are not supported." message:

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