Photo Kiosk installer requires administration permissions.

Installing Photo Kiosk

To install Photo Kiosk just run the installer program, and it will guide you step by step through the installation process. If you are installing Photo Kiosk on a machine where .NET Framework 4.0 and/or Windows Installer 3.1 is not installed, you will be prompted to install it first.

After you install Photo Kiosk, you may need to register it and configure. See the Evaluating and Registering and Using Photo Kiosk Configuration Tool topics.


After Photo Kiosk is installed, make sure there is enough free disk space on drive C:. We recommend freeing at least 1Gb of disk space; this space will be used as temporary orders storage and memory cache.

Uninstalling Photo Kiosk

To remove Photo Kiosk open Control Panel, click Programs and Features, then select Aurigma Photo Kiosk 7.0, and click Uninstall. After that click Yes, and follow the wizard instructions.

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