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Java to HTML5 uploader - features roadmap

Nowadays Java applets is a poor technology for applications built into a web page. Moreover, Google Chrome no longer supports Java applets. That's why we are moving towards to a complete replacement of Java uploader by its HTML5 counterpart.

Here you will find two list. The first list is for the features which are already available in HTML5 uploader. If you are considering migrating from Java uploader to HTML5 and you can see all the features you are using in this list, you can freely switch to HTML5 uploader.

The second list contains the features which are not available in HTML5 uploader yet. If you see some of the features you are using in Java uploader now, don't worry. We are working hard on them and they will be added to HTML5 uploader as soon as possible. However we encourage you to contact us and tell how critical are they. It will help us to prioritize those features properly. 

If you don't see some of the features you are using in neither of these two lists, please contact us and we will update you with a status of these features (and this page as well).

What is already available

Feature Availability
Any file types

Chrome only *

Send additional data (including individual files)
File restrictions (file mask, min/max size and dimensions)
Image resize (any number of copies per file)
EXIF support (preserve during resize and extract fields)
API to control upload process (beforeUpload, afterUpload, progress, error)
API to work with the upload list
Upload hundreds and thousands of files

(may require some fine tuning) **

Multilingual support
Customizable user interface (theming)

*So far only Chrome allows selecting and uploading folders using pure JavaScript. If Folder upload is critical, it is recommended to use both HTML5 and Java uploader together. You can easily implement autodetection. See technical details

**HTML5 is memory-friendly enough to allow uploading hundreds of files (and even more), however you may still experience problem with high memory usage. If so, try to consider the following: turning off previews in the uploader (using the Icons view mode), reducing the amount of resized copies, removing width/height file restrictions.

What is in progress

Feature Comments
Cropping tool (and automatic crop) Coming in the nearest release
Uploading directly to Amazon S3
Broken upload auto recovery
Chunk uploads (split very large files into pieces)
Calculating hash for each file
Uploading several files simulteniously Max connections will depend on a browser

How do I proceed?

All our uploaders are included to the Upload Suite license. No need to purchase any extra licenses (although if your maintenance subscription is expired, you should renew it).

We did our best to keep the API of HTML5 uploader as close to Java uploader as possible, so the migration should be simple. Check out the Java to HTML5 uploader migration notes for details.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact us.