User Interface Overview

This Photo Kiosk user interface overview contains the following sections:

Welcome Screen

In the welcome screen user can select what to do next, for example:

Welcome screen

The Start button will only be displayed if one action is available for a user, for example, when kiosk works as a photo order station. You can show your banner at the welcome screen; for more information see the Customizing User Interface topic.

Selecting Photos

If Photo Kiosk found images in more than one folder, then a user can select folders to order photos from:

Folder Selection screen

This screen can be disabled, then Photo Kiosk will display all found photos. For more information see the Configuring Digital Media topic.

All photos from user-selected folders are displayed by eight per page. A user can open a page by tapping its number; to select a photo tap on its thumbnail. The magnifier icon allows seeing the photo full screen.

Photo Selection screen

Specifying Order Details

Here a user can specify prints format and quantity, set print area, and change paper type and crop mode.

Order Details screen

To change print format and quantity tap on the number of prints and the following dialog will appear:

Number of Copies dialog

If the chosen format is too large for the photo, the warning appears:

Low Quality warning

To change paper type and crop method tap the Change print options button and the following dialog will appear:

Paper Type and Crop dialog

If the chosen crop mode is Crop to fit into format, then a user can select print area by dragging image thumbnail or tap on the scissors icon:

Select Print Area screen

Editing Photos

To edit a photo select the All tab and tap on the edit icon.

Order Details screen

Here a user can edit photo in desired way. After the photo is edited, it can be saved or saved as new image; original photos will not be altered in any case.

Edit Photo screen

Additional Services

The next step after selecting photos is selecting additional services (if any). Here a user should tap on desired service to select it:

Additional Services screen

For more information see the Additional Services topic.

Order Review

Here a user can review order and gets total payment including sales tax.

Order Review screen

Payment Confirmation

If Photo Kiosk is configured as a instant print station, then the following screen will be available after selecting Process Order:

Payment Confirmation screen

Here a user can enter order ID and payment confirmation code. If the code is valid, printing (or burning) process will be released. For more information about payment support in Photo Kiosk see the Confirming Payment topic.

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