Image Uploader 5.0 roadmap

Image Uploader 5.0 Dual is going to be released in the middle of December 2007.

Here is the list of main improvements in this version:

  1. Native view on Vista.
  2. Enhanced capabilities of One Pane mode:
    1. DropFilesHere image - you can show any image instead of text now.
    2. Background image - you can put your logo right to upload pane.
    3. Cusmomizible button view - you can specify specific image for any button state.
    4. Instant upload - upload process starts right after selecting files.
  3. More control over upload process:
    1. Additional events: PackageBeforeUpload, PackageError, PackageComplete and PackagProgress.
    2. Ability to uncheck specific files from JavaScript.
    3. Restore upload pane content to implement any several steps order etc.
  4. Zip-archive compression - you can compress files before uploading, not only make thumbnails.
  5. Image Uploader POST request format changing - you can change the format of upload request to add Image Uploader to any popular CMS, blogging system etc. without server side scripts changing.

Here is how it looks now on Vista:

Aurigma Image Uploader 5 on Vista

So if you are interesting feel free to write us.