Image Uploader 5.0 - changes in licensing

As Alex wrote before, we have released new version of Image Uploader. In addition to a number of new features, we also made several modifications in our licensing model.

In fact we wanted to do it much earlier, but we decided to do it together with the major release to reduce problems for existing customers who already purchased Image Uploader under old licensing terms.

Let's see what is new.

1. Different licensing for standalone servers and web farms

Now it matters whether you run Image Uploader on one server or on load-balanced multi-server web farm. In short:

  1. Standard Domain and IP licenses are applicable for single server. Moreover, it should have 1 or 2 CPUs.
  2. For multi-server environment an alternative licensing model is used: you should have one Web Farm license + Server Connector licenses per each server in the web farm.

    Example: Your website is running on web farm consisting of 4 servers. You need one Web Farm license + 4 Server Connectors.

  3. If you have no web farm, but have a single server with more than 2 CPUs, you should have a standard Domain or IP license (according to your needs) + as many Server Connectors as additional CPUs you have.

    Example: Your website is running on a server with 8 CPUs which uploads files to a single page (one domain). You need one Domain License + 6 Server Connectors.  

2. Upload processing page (Action param) and the page which hosts Image Uploader should belong to the same website

Now you should not upload files from one website to another using Image Uploader. In other words, if the control is hosted on and uploads files to, it will not work.

But it is still ok to upload to the page which is within the same domain (even if their full-qualified domain names are different). For example, it is correct to host the control on and upload to (provided of course that you have a license for

3. Standard licenses do not apply to SaaS solutions

If you create a SaaS solution, it is virtually the same as if you sublicense Image Uploader to your customers. That's why it requires another licensing model, which is discussed individually in each case.

You may wonder where is the boundary of SaaS apps and common websites. The criteria is the following - SaaS is a multi-tenant application. In other words if the account your customers create can be interpreted as a standalone application (as if it is installed on their own servers) - this is SaaS. Examples examples to name a few are hosted CRM solutions (like where customers manage their own company's records, or hosted CMS systems where they build their own websites.

4. For private-label version owners - in some cases re-preparation of the pvt build is paid

Unfortunately pvt build preparation takes certain time. It is ok for us to do it once or twice, but when it happens too often, it slows down Image Uploader development process. That's why we decided to limit a number of free preparations of private-label builds. I hope for your understanding.

Of course, there will be some situations when pvt updates will be free. In particular they are:

  1. First time.
  2. Once per a minor update (i.e. when we replace, say, 5.0 to 5.1).
  3. Critical bugfixes.
  4. When it happens naturally (e.g. we send you a modified version for some reason).

Also most probably the price will vary depending on whether it is necessary just to recompile or also create a .CAB file signed with your digital cert. Of course we will provide you instructions how to do it yourself, so that you will also have a choice.

That's all. If you have any questions, feel free to drop email to Also, if you find that your old version does not fall under new licensing terms, and you wonder how to upgrade, feel free to let me know.