Old Aurigma products are getting discontinued

For more than 5 years we developed a number of different products.

Unfortunately we are not Microsoft-scale company and cannot afford to develop multiple completely different products in the same time. As a result some products was not modified several years. In these several years a lot of much better competitor products appeared. But it is not fine for us to offer customers any products which we do not deem to be the best. That's we we decided that it would be fair to remove these old products. Instead of it we will concentrate on our flagship products and do our best with them.

Discontinued Products

Let's see which products will not be available anymore:

  • Media Gallery
  • All ActiveX components (all of them have .NET siblings - they are still alive!):
    • AVI Processor (ActiveX)
    • Media Processor (ActiveX)
    • Graphics Mill for ActiveX
  • FlashChart 

Of course if you have already built an application where some of these products are used and need to distribute them, we will provide it to you. But it will not be available on our website, we will not market it, and moreover we will not develop it anymore. However if existing customers will discover any problems with it, just contact our support guys, we will try to help.

Existing Products

You may wonder which products we still support and develop. We start year 2008 having two product lines, each consists of two products:

  1. File transfer browser extensions:
    1. Image Uploader
    2. File Downloader

  2. Imaging solutions for .NET apps:
    1. Graphics Mill for .NET with all its addons
    2. PhotoEditor

We are going to make great improvements in these products, moreover perhaps we will try ourselves in new directions, but... These plans are subject for separate topics!