About Aurigma Forge

Few days ago my colleague Fedor added a short blog post about ASP.NET wrapper control for our product Image Uploader.

In fact this control starts the real implementation of our initiative we call Aurigma Forge. I would like to tell about it more detailed. Alex mentioned it earlier but I think it is a high time to give more information about it.

What is Aurigma Forge?

In short this is a series of open-source projects based on our products - Image Uploader and Graphics Mill. We publish these projects on our website and everyone can download them, use, modify, and of course share them with others. At the first step, we will develop them actively ourselves, but we highly encourage everyone to join us.

How it works?

It works very simple. For each product line we have a subforum on our forums called Community Projects. Everyone who want to submit a project just create a post with source code and some information about it (how to use it, etc). Other people who are interested to take part in this project just post replies and share with their modifications if necessary.

Currently there is the only one such subforum in Image Uploader block, but we plan to add Graphics Mill community project subforum in the near future.

Initially we planned to deploy source code repository like on sourceforge.net (yes, they inspired the initiative name :) ). But then we thought that it would complicate things. If projects become popular and there will be a lot of contributors, we will definitely make it available. But until then we decided to keep things simpler.

What kind of projects will be launched?

You may wonder what kind of projects it can be. For now they are:

  • Image Uploader related
    • ASP.NET wrapper control which radically simplifies Image Uploader usage for ASP.NET developers.
    • Plugins for different CMS systems like WordPress, DotNetNuke, Cyahoga, Joomla, etc. They will be more or less ready-to-use photo galleries. It may be interpreted as resurrection of Media Gallery product line with new contemporary vision.
  • Graphics Mill related
    • Editor for photo gifts (mugs, t-shorts, etc)
    • Real-life app for business card editing (based on Advanced PSD addon)
    • Most of current demo apps - we hope for your feedback so that we could understand what to improve there.

If you have some ideas on other projects do not hesitate to post a comment! Any other feedback is welcome as well.