Alex Makhov - Image Uploader father - leaves Aurigma

This post is insired by a pretty sad event. Alex Makhov, one of oldest Aurigma team members, leaves our company today.

He brought up our main product Image Uploader from awkward $50-worth ActiveX control version 1.0 to current powerful solution used by many major Web 2.0 players. He did a great job, but he had to move to another city due some family circumstances. So me personally and all Aurigma team wish him good luck with his new life and thank him for all years he spent with us.

But life goes on, and Image Uploader is still actively evolving. Our CTO Dmitry will take care on this project since now. We have a lot of great plans for this product and Alex's leave will not break them. I will be glad to share these plans in my future posts. ;-)

That's all for now. Stay tuned!