Aurigma Image Uploader 5.5 is released

Done… Today we released new Image Uploader 5.5. I really like the days like this one when all tests already passed, you just need to compile installers, finally check source code in CVS and mark it with a tag.

Actually we are late for 7 days, the previous release date was 20, August. But some of the customers who tested out beta version found problems with tumbnail generation. So we had to examine and fix it and then walk through the tests again.

It was long time without updates for Image Uploader. Some of you, our customers, were waiting for new version in hope that it fixes some basic problems in Java version. Now you can download it and install on your servers to try. We are open for your feedback.

You can read about new functionality and bug fixes included into Image Uploader 5.5 in my previous post.