Quick update for Image Uploader 5.5

Three weeks ago we released Image Uploader 5.5 (version 5.5.1). During these three weeks a lot of our customers upgraded to new version.

We have good references for new Image Uploader, users say that we have success with version 5.5 and Image Uploader works faster and more stable.

Unfortunately the world is not ideal and several problems were found in 5.5.1. Today we are ready to release updated version 5.5.6 which fixes some of them:

  • Fixed the problem with custom buttons in ActiveX version.
  • Fixed the issue with thumbnail size when they are created with high quality in ActiveX version.
  • Fixed the problem with uploading icons instead of thumbnails for some images on Mac platform with Image Uploader Java.
  • Now methods GoToParentFolder and GoToPreviousFolder works correctly in Image Uploader Java.