New Photo Kiosk

We released the first version of Photo Kiosk more than a year ago. A lot of people took an interest in this software; we got numerous requests and references for the Photo Kiosk.

Thank you all who contacted us and gave feedback. It is always very important to know what functionality you need and what to add into a product to meet your requirements.

We position our software as a solution allowing photo retailers to get orders from clients in "full automatic mode". It means that customers do not need someone to order prints, they do it by themselves. As different photo retailers have different process to fulfill printing orders and different requirements for the software serving prints ordering, we put feature requests all together and choose the most important ones. After the first version we decided to advance Photo Kiosk in the following directions:

  1. Make it easier in configuring and administrating.
  2. Add some important for photo retailers features.
  3. Make it more stable and fast.

And here is what we did in new Photo Kiosk:

  • Support of Bluetooth to receive photos. Yes, everybody knows that cameras on cell phones become better and better. And some of clients want to print photos made from phones. Almost every phone has Bluetooth today, everybody uses headsets. Thus the most convenient way to get photos from phones is to get them via Bluetooth. Now Photo Kiosk is ready to do it.
  • Possibility to make color corrections of photos before order them: brightness, contrast, and auto fix.
  • Easy configurable crop.
  • Customization of Photo Kiosk interface. Now you can customize user interface of the kiosk in accordance to your firm style, or display some advertising if you need.
  • Red-eye removal tool in the Photo Kiosk. Now your customers can remove red-eye effect on their photos before order them.
  • New Photo Kiosk became faster. Now it loads photos from devices and edit them extremely fast.
  • ...and some other improvements.

Here are some screenshots of new Photo Kiosk:

Aurigma Photo Kiosk

View and edit photos

Photo editing

Red-eye removal tool