Aurigma Image Uploader 6.0 Concepts

We are working hard over new Image Uploader 6.0 release. In the next version we have focused on stability, end-user and developer usability, as well as on adding some new features to be in trend of all modern technologies and approaches like cloud computing and Web 2.0.

Not taking into consideration the major improvements, version 6.0 will be backward compatible with all 2.x-5.x versions. We plan to release new version in the beginning of 2009, however, the final ETA is not defined yet.

Here is the general concept of version 6.0 architecture. We will post the detailed descriptions of all the new features and improvements later.

Uploader concept


On client side we will implement new features as well as provide bug fixes for core ActiveX control and Java applet. Moreover, we will gracefully improve iuembed.js script which is actually named Helper IUEmbed JavaScript Library :). It consists of the following scripts:

  • iuembed.js provides general cross-browser Image Uploader embedding on page. It has multiple improvements to reduce possible errors and simplify coding. It also comes with iuembed.Intellisense.js script which adds Intellicense support in Visual Studio 2008 IDE.
  • iuembed.InstallationProgress.js improves ActiveX control installation process. During control loading it will show installation progress. If it is necessary or if control installation failed the script will display user instructions. The script also will handle all different ActiveX control installation processes in various Internet Explorer versions.
  • iuembed.AmazonS3.js and iuembed.Nirvanix.js add support of Amazon S3 and Nirvanix cloud storages. They provide the way to upload files from browser directly to cloud storage and noticeably decrease the load on server, as well as provide the way for unlimited scalability.


The main improvement on server side is adding upload support not only for common web server but and for cloud storages. Most probably we will also provide samples of using Image Uploader with common cloud computing services like Google App Engine.

Helper Server Libraries

In order to simplify user development and provide lower learning curve for ASP.NET and PHP developer, we plan to release ASP.NET Control and PHP Library. In this case, users can use familiar development approaches and quickly implement common tasks.