Image Uploader 5.7 Support Java SE 6 Update 10

27 Oct 2008 Sun released new Java SE 6 update 10. We downloaded this new version and ran Image Uploader regression tests on new Java machine.

Tests eliminated that out last 5.5.6 version had problems with events under new Java SE. We found and fixed this problem in several days, and this fix will be the major one in new Image Uploader 5.7 which will be available on the site in several days.

In addition to the problem with new Java SE Image Uploader 5.7 will include 17 bug fixes. The most important are:

  1. Fixed memory leak during thumbnails generation in ActiveX version.
  2. Now Image Uploader Java preserves resolutions in thumbnails. It means that if you have 300dpi image and generate a thumbnail before upload, the thumbnails will have 300dpi resolution after upload.
  3. Now Image Uploader Java supports basic and NTLM authentications.

The detailed list of improvements will be available on the forum and What's new section after the release date.