Image Uploader 6.0 ASP.NET Control Library

As I have mentioned in my Aurigma Image Uploader 6.0 Concepts post, we plan to include ASP.NET Control Library in the version 6.0 release. The library will wrap and simplify the most common operations.

The ASP.NET control library will include the following controls:

  • Visual controls, which are actually wrappers around corresponding ActiveX/Java objects:
    • ImageUploader
    • UploadPane
    • Thumbnail
    • ShellComboBox
  • Non-visual extenders of ImageUploader control, which simplify common operations:
    • AmazonS3Extender
    • NirvanixExtender 

Visual Controls

You can just drop Image Uploader on Web form and then configure all properties using smart-tag or property grid, or just specify properties in code. Another nice feature is that there is no need to deply manually CAB, JAR, and JavaScript files now. You need just deploy Aurigma.ImageUploader.dll on server.

Using smart-tag you can apply localization in one click:

ASP.NET control library

As well, you can change all properties using property grid:

Changing all properties using property grid

You can add event handler in which you can implement saving files to disk:

protected void ImageUploader1_FileUploaded(object sender, FileUploadEventArgs e)
    ImageUploader.SaveToFolder(e.SourceFile, Server.MapPath("/Gallery/"));
    ImageUploader.SaveToFolder(e.Thumbnails[1], Server.MapPath("/Gallery/Thumbnails/"));

Moreover, you have typed access to all file metadata (Description, Angle, FileSize, and so on) sent to server.

Non-visual extenders

Recently many of our customers have requested support of cloud computing and cloud storages. Rigt now the most popuplar storage is Amazon S3 storage, however we also have implement the support of their less popular competitor - Nirvanix. AmazonS3Extender allows you easily upload to cloud storage:

<aur:ImageUploader ID="ImageUploader1" runat="server" width="600" height="400"
<aur:AmazonS3Extender ID="AmazonS3Extender1" runat="server"
    AWSAccessKeyId="<%$ AppSettings:Amazon_AWSAccessKeyId %>" 
    Bucket="<%$ AppSettings:Amazon_Bucket %>" 
    SecretAccessKey="<%$ AppSettings:Amazon_SecretAccessKey %>">
    <SourceFile Acl="private" Key="/${file_name}">
        <aur:CustomMetaProperty Name="Author" Value="John Smith" />
        <aur:PredefinedMetaProperty Name="Comments" Field="Description" />            

As you see, you just need to declare ImageUploader and AmazonS3Extender controls. Then you should link AmazonS3Extender to ImageUploader and specify some of its properties. You can also define source file meta properties. In the above code sample we have specified Author and Comments meta properties. The last one will be automaticlly extracted from the description specified by user.

We will include detailed instructions and feature list in the documentation.