Why not Get a Free Upgrade to 6.0?

Everyone likes freebies, either openly or covertly. Here at Aurigma, we also like having freebies -- why not?

So, when you like to have something, you obviously ought to give something. If you want to sell something -- buy something first. They say that's basically how business works and money flows. Bla-bla-bla.

Anyway, what I'm driving at is: our customers who bought Image Uploader on January 1, 2009 or later get upgrade to version 6.0 for free. Should be a nice cheer up in these stirring economic times :)

Private label 2009 buyers (upgraders): you'll need to pay for re-signing your private label -- but the upgrade itself is free, of course.

Those who have bought through resellers: sorry but you are not eligible for free upgrades -- only those who purchased directly from us are.

Sure, you might want to ask: when 6.0 is scheduled for release? The release is scheduled for the beginning of March, 2009.

Your questions get answered at sales@aurigma.com. Be sure to post your suggestions into this blog thread.