Image Uploader and Drupal

Today I was amazed to learn that Image Uploader is popular enough to cause open-source community to create applications which use Image Uploader.

I have discovered an Image Uploader based addon for Drupal - very popular open-source CMS. It is called Aurigma Uploader for ImageField. It allows to upload files as attachments to the pages and stories posted on the website.  This addon was submitted to the Drupal website by Aaron Wolfe.

Although this addon is pretty raw (I had to modify the source code to get it working, and it still displayed some warnings), it was great to learn that such addon exists. I believe it will be improved and people will find it useful.

I had an idea about series of addons for various open-source CMSes, but unfortunately we had not enough resources to get involved into it deeply. I am glad to know that open-source community finds it interesting to do it.

By the way, if Aaron or any other person involved into this addon development need any assistance with it, we will be happy to help. Just let us know.