Video Uploader Beta Released

We finally release the beta of Aurigma Video Uploader, a tool that enables you to feature your web site with video uploads with as little hassle as possible.

Below I explain how exactly this is achieved.

Before the videos are uploaded, they need to be transcoded. Aurigma Video Uploader performs transcoding on the user PC, which benefits you in three ways:

  • Your web server(s) is relieved of an ultimately performance-taxing task.
  • You receive already compressed files, which greatly reduces inbound traffic.
  • You don't need your web server to have every possible codec that your users might have. You just receive the videos in compressed Windows Media format, ready for playback over Web.

Next, you plan to have every video watermarked with your logo and arbitrary text. Also, you want to have every video frame downsized to, say, 512 by 384 pixels.

Video Uploader resizes and watermarks video clips while transcoding. Again, this saves much time, server load and inbound traffic. What is also important, Video Uploader works with any web server platform out there.

The end user does not have to install any software, only the ActiveX control. The uploads are made directly through browser, without leaving the target web site. The user can start the upload in only a few clicks, selecting target movie duration and starting time, frame size, bitrate, and frame rate. When transcoding and upload take place, respective progress bars are displayed to track the progress.

The transcoder was provided courtesy of Medialooks company, video streaming and coding/decoding experts.

The uploaded videos are readily played back via Web. Here, any free Silverlight video player that supports WMV can be used.

We encourage everyone to suggest features and report bugs.

Video Uploader beta can be downloaded at