Image Uploader 7.0.28: IE9 Support and Chrome Problems Fix

Today we released new Image Uploader 7.0.28. It includes long list of improvements and bug fixes

You can check them all in the documentation. Today I am writing introduction post about this new version, however this new release is worthy of several big posts about its new great features which will be here some time later.

Since the time when the previous 7.0.15 uploader was posted to our website, long-awaited Internet Explorer 9 has been released. Working under Image Uploader 7.0.28 we paid great attention to the questions of compatibility with new Microsoft browser. Image Uploader 7.0.28 was adapted to IE9 and development team spent significant time checking the uploader under this browser.

Also several weeks ago we found strange problem in Google Chrome 10.0.648 preventing the applet to pass its settings from HTML to Java correctly. The resolution was found several days later and this fix is also in the version 7.0.28. One of the things that make our upload solutions popular among programmers is compatibility with major browsers on different client platforms, and we do our best to remain the leader in this field.

Image Uploader 7.0.28 is available for download on our website; feel free to contact our support team if you have any questions about upgrade or migration.