Aurigma uploader goes mobile!

Some time ago I have announced an upload solution for iOS platform. Today this product becomes available at last!

We called it Aurigma Up.

Aurigma Up icon.

What is Aurigma Up?

Let me refresh your mind and explain what is this product for.

Apple did a good job selling their iPhone. Tens of millions of people have this handset and they take enormous amount of pictures using its built-in camera daily. If you build a website that have something to do with people's photos, you would probably love to give the iPhone users an ability to upload their shots directly to your website.

Before Aurigma Up appeared, there were two ways to transfer photos from iPhone to a website: (a) have the users to grab them to PC/Mac first, and then upload them from there, or (b) create a special iPhone application that can send photos to your website, submit it to App Store, and have the users to launch this app every time they need to upload files from iPhone.

Apparently, the first way is troublesome for the users and the second one - for you. Fortunately, Aurigma Up offers the third way that is convenient for both you and your users.

How it works?

The idea is simple:

  1. Users install a special app from AppStore called Aurigma Up.
  2. When they navigate your mobile website, they click a link/button labeled Upload Photos or something like this and Aurigma Up shows up.
  3. They select photos in the Aurigma Up and tap Start Upload button.
  4. As soon as the upload is completed, they are brought back to the browser. It can be either the same page or some other page displaying the uploaded files. It is up to you.

For better understanding, I recommend to try out online demo. Just install Aurigma Up from AppStore on your iPhone, and then type in in Safari.

You can learn more on this page:


We had a lot of internal discussions to decide how we will offer this product to you. Finally we came to a simple decision and I believe you will like it: using Aurigma Up to upload files to your website will be... free! Yes, that's right you pay no money for it. Just answer several questions to help us to define the direction of further development, and we will provide you with a license at no charge!

If you do not want to answer questions, but you are still interested to play with the product first, you can get an evaluation license key immediately. Learn more on the Getting Started page.

Any questions?

As always, I will be happy to answer any questions about Aurigma Up at Also, if you have any technical questions, you are welcome to post at Aurigma forums:

Our engineers will be happy to explain you the best practices of Aurigma Up integration with your websites there.