Aurigma Up 1.3 is available - iPad is supported now

Aurigma Up Version 1.3 offers several new features that users and developers have been clamoring for! Users—and developers alike for that matter—on both iOS and Android devices will see enhanced usability from Version 1.3.

Take a look at what we've done for the end users:

iPad support

The user interface has been enriched in the new version. Gone are the days when iPad users couldn’t use the device's full screen during their uploading activity. The new version of Aurigma Up takes full advantage of the entire iPad display area, even on the iPad3.

Improved Video Support

For iOS and Android devices, previous versions simply provided the ability to upload previously generated videos as in prior versions. Aurigma Up Version 1.3 now allows for videos to be taken right from the app.

EXIF issue fixed

In previous versions when Aurigma Up was launched right after it was installed there was a glitch in uploading files. Also in earlier versions EXIF metadata in photos taken from the app had difficulties. Both are no longer an issue with Version 1.3!

These and several other minor UI improvements will make Aurigma Up Version 1.3 a blissful experience for users.

API improvements

But we didn't stop with advances for the users in Aurigma Up Version 1.3. Developers will smile at their own list of enhancements and improvements, which greatly boost the flexibility of the uploader.

  • The new video-only upload mode is provided here for the first time,
  • The number of items in the upload list can be limited by developers to comply with your website's policies,
  • Case-insensitive upload parameters for ease of use,
  • Automatic clearing of the upload list every time the app is launched from a web browser,
  • Elimination of the issue in earlier versions when the "http://" prefix was not present in the URL.

Come on over and check out the new and improved Aurigma Up Version 1.3 at and also available now on iTunes and Google Play from Aurigma.

We are "your upload partner"!