Aurigma Up’s new Version 1.6 lets you offer your website’s users easy multi-selection file uploads

Aurigma Up is hands down the best mobile uploader you can provide for your website's users, and the newest version is even better with the addition of the multi-selection file uploader!

In earlier versions, uploading capabilities were superb, but for each image that was being uploaded the user was forced to open an individual file selection dialogue box. Five pictures of your new puppy to upload meant opening five individual dialogue boxes.

But now with version 1.6, the user only needs to open one dialogue box, and simply selects the multiple pictures that they want to upload. All the images are then added to the upload list at the same time, greatly reducing the effort required to select multiple images for upload.

Besides of the multiple file selection, a lot of other improvements were added. This inlcludes additional debug and troubleshooting capabilities, video thumbnails on Android, improved user expirence and bug fixes. Check out all the latest features and enhancements at the What's New section.

And of course, all the other great mobile uploader features you have come to expect from Aurigma Up are here. This includes image resizing before uploading to conserve your server's resources and give you more control of your site, photo auto rotation to ensure proper display after uploading, server redirect support, video compression before uploading for the iOS version, and other superb innovations that make the mobile uploading experience you provide your website's users with Aurigma Up second to none.

Check out all the latest features at the What's New page. Aurigma, we are your upload partner!