Aurigma’s newly created Upload Suite Version 8.0.26 is now available!

After extensive development by our dedicated team, you can now leverage the many improvements that are now available to you in Windows 8 for tablets and mobile devices! Of course you can use Uploader with the desktop version of IE just as you always could, but now Aurigma's Upload Suite version 8.0.26 enables you to work seamlessly with the Metro version as well, despite the Metro version's lack of support for most extensions.

In addition to this exciting news, Mac users are not left out of the party… Aurigma Upload Suite Version 8.0.26 also provides better Mac OS X support. Aurigma's developers have provided you with greatly enhanced support for all the improvements that are resident in Java 1.7 with the new version of Upload Suite!

As you have come to expect from Aurigma, the latest releases are supported as soon as they are available to the public. Aurigma Uploader Suite Version 8.0.26 has been thoroughly and intensively tested by Aurigma's development team to ensure that it is dependable and trouble free, and ready for you to use right out of the box!

Aurigma — we are your upload partner!