Aurigma has always offered you Upload Suite as a superior solution for mass and large file uploads. But we have never been content to rest on our laurels. Even though Aurigma’s uploaders are the best around, everything under the sun can be improved. Today we are happy to announce that we are developing and preparing to release a new and even better version of Upload Suite that will provide even faster uploading capabilities.

The current version, while providing great performance, still had its limits. Uploads were conducted by sending files in single threads. In other words, all portions of the data are being sent to the web server one by one. The new version will allow your customers to send files in multiple threads. That will increase upload speeds and reduce the time required to accomplish file transfers. Our internal testing shows that our new multi-threaded approach outperforms the previous version by uploading at an astonishing and very noticeable 20-50% faster.

For the tests in question we used Java Uploader on both the Windows 8 and Mac OS X 10.8 platforms. We uploaded a set of 50 photos, sized at 3744×5616. For each platform we checked how the increase of concurrent thread numbers and client-side image optimization affected the upload time. The clear improvement is demonstrated in the following chart:

New Upload Suite provides even faster upload speed