HTML5 Uploader befriended EXIF

Another step HTML5 uploader closer to his "older brother" on Java technology. Now with the release of a new Upload Suite 8.0.98 version users have the support metadata.

For various reasons, some web developers prefer not to use Java applications in their projects. For example, this may be due to periodic updates in security policy or necessity of additional installations. As a result, it might not be suitable for some of our customers.

Therefore, our task was to extend the functionality of HTML5-based uploader and add the ability to work with the metadata contained in the photos.

Now HTML5 Uploader is able to:

  • Copy EXIF data from original files to resized copies
  • Extract particular EXIF fields and send them separately
  • Automatically rotate images based on the orientation stored in EXIF
  • The limitation of the converters number is eliminated

Check out our EXIF demo to ensure the support metadata.

Now if you need support EXIF, but you no longer want to use Java, Flash or ActiveX, so you can download the latest version of Aurigma Upload Suite and switch to HTML5 uploader.