HTML5 uploader supports folders now

We started new year with a new feature - an ability to upload entire folders with HTML5 uploader. What is important to know if this feature is critical for you?

We were going to release this update right after the Christmas, although as it always happens, we have encountered few unexpected issues. So we worked during the New Year holidays and yesterday we have rolled out Upload Suite 8.1.15. 

The main feature of this release is a folder upload support in HTML5 uploader and as a side effect of this feature, now it loads a large list of files much faster than earlier.

Aurigma HTML5 uploader folder upload feature

Unfortunately, HTML5 technology is not as powerful as Java or ActiveX and there are few serious limitations:

  1. It works only on a desktop version of Chrome.
  2. On Mac it is a bit less intuitive than on Windows - unlike Windows, it displays the same Open File dialog as for common files. If a user selects a folder in it, the folder will be added instead of entering this folder in the dialog.
  3. It supports drag-and-drop as well, but in this case there is a limitation for a number of files inside a folder - not more than 100 files per a folder (the limitation is applied to each nested folder separately). Uploader will display a warning if there are 100 or more files in a folder.

That's why it makes sense to consider combining both Java and HTML5 uploaders together: load HTML5 uploader in Chrome and Java in other browsers. The documentation articles about the folder uploading feature contains a code example how to do it: 

What's next?

The next feature we will transfer from Java to HTML5 uploader is image watermarking. We expect it will be available in few weeks from now. Although Google gave us a little break and migrating to HTML5 became less urgent (until April 2015), we will do the best to add as many features to HTML5 uploader before the "D-Day" as possible.